Mother’s Day

Yet another day dedicated to our sweetheart mommy is here and social media is filled with Mother’s Day advertisements to showcase different ways we can love them. Some of them are truly brilliant. The recent one being ‘Are we teaching our sons, what we’ve been teaching our daughters’ by Ariel – Sons #ShareTheLoad.

The 2nd Sunday of May will witness, selfies with darling mothers captioned – ‘You are the best mother a child like me could get’, flooding the Instagram and Facebook pages as well as WhatsApp Status and Snapchat stories.

Cakes will be cut; flowers and gifts will be given; love will be poured through lengthy messages and hugs and kissed will be showered on her. The restaurants will have a profitable business and the malls will observe a colossal footfall. Mothers will be persuaded to pamper herself by using the SPA vouchers given by kids or indulge in crazy shopping spree. At the end of the day, the child will feel satiated to have made his or her mother’s, day special.

On the other side, we may also espy children who have lost their mom’s, reminiscing about her with social handles quoting – ‘I dearly miss your presence, Maa’

Each bairn simply show-offs the affection he or she has for his amma through all the above stated drama.

This very Mother’s Day is sheerly a PDA!

Reading this, you may feel, what a bitter lady this ‘Gujju Bawi’ is! Seems like she does not love her mother or is not on talking terms with her. But that is so not true.

Just like the most of you’ll, along my husband and sister in-law, I too will have a special lunch-date with my mother in-law, slice the cake, present a bouquet and inundate her with our love. The 2nd half of my day will be reserved for my Mommy number 1. Here, instead of cake, aam-ras will be consumed (it’s mango Season yaar and Gujratis can kill for Mango ras). Both the time, we kiddos will click photos with our Mom’s and the day will be over.

Now have you ever wondered, that a lady who carried you in her womb for 9 months, in her arms for nearly 2 years and in her heart forever; is really wanting to celebrate this day in a style decided by you? Do you feel the branded watch, expensive lunch or dinner, scented perfumes, designer bags and latest mobile-phones or tablets are really going to make her happy?

We all are extremely busy with our lives. Whether we live with our parents or away from them, the essence of communication in these recent years has simply perished. Even when we go out as a family, all that we really do is click loads of pictures and then each member uploads it on their respective forums for the world to see and believe that the family is having a time of their life. Basically, we are together just physically, whereas mentally we exist in different zones.

How many times have we simply picked up the phone to just check on our moms? When did we last go give her sometime-off from the kitchen? Did we ever, without her complaining of ailments just go and give her a foot or back massage? Told her a thank you for making our life easy by merely being there in it? Or have we ever just asked her, her problems and circumvent those issues? Did we ever do anything without she having to say anything to us? Not get mad when to stay connected with us, she pesters to update her with the latest technology or application. Nobbut give her undivided attention and plant kisses when entering and leaving the house. Answer the phone the very instant she calls or immediately call her once you are no longer occupied? Not make a grunting voice when she requests you to get something from the market. Be grateful for all the meals she makes (even when sometimes you dislike a particular dish).

I am sure, most of us have time and again taken our mom’s for granted. Getting mad at her, somewhere is like a birth-right we are privileged to. We have fought with her, not spoken for days may be, shoved plates and banged the door on her face. And yet, she has still loved us with all her heart.

Through this article, I plea each of you reading this to evaluate how good a son or daughter you have been to your baa (mom in Gujrati) in the past and as a Mother’s Day gift just be there for her not just on one specific day but all days of your life. There won’t be a better Mother’s Day gift then having her kid who is always listening and loving his/her Aai.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mommies out there ❤️

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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