And each time these deadly creatures,
Hurt our dear country’s protectors,
I wonder how wicked would be there preachers,
Who savour killing common people and nation’s defenders.

Do their hearts not bleed to see so much of bloodshed,
Children, women and elders don’t they themselves possess,
What happiness they derive by destroying peaceful sleep when citizens on bed,
And the question is, how such crucial information they access.

I feel these acts are from cowardly subjects,
As if they are born to just complete the massacre projects,
Surviving without a set of personal ethics and morals,
They relish when others quarrel.

I pray God to end this hatred between humans,
Throughout the world so many worthy individuals we have lost,
Just end this ‘my religion is superior’ confusion,
Each homo sapien has some attached cost.

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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