Just Hold On !

When life gives you lemon,
Make lemonade out of it,
Each incident teaches you some lesson,
And will also make you fit.

People will always try to put you down,
Don’t get affected by it,
The world is ruthless and enjoy when someone will drown,
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

The political game is part and parcel of our life,
Learn how to play it,
Be a smart knife,
Know when to apply butter n when to slit.

The world is filled with people who love to deceive,
Ensure you are not one of the hypocrite,
Try hard for success to with smart work achieve,
Be cool, calm and compose when showing off your wit.

Life has it’s way to make you strong,
Just follow the righteous path bit by bit,
Morally awaken senses won’t let you go wrong,
If you are messed up, just simple to a loved one admit.

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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