An Affair to Remember!

She felt guilty of her new addiction,
The affair in her boring life was a recent distraction.

Most of her married-working friends had forced her to,
Try this game about which not many have a clue.

It was about having to lie,
Feel feel, to the temptation don’t deny.

Since she was working, the trip did not feel fake,
A day spent in bed not thinking of it as a mistake.

Just the mere thought of laying and enjoying,
Letting go of reservations and emotions free flowing.

Ordering her favourite delicacy and dessert,
Wearing pajama pants and a loose t-shirt.

Binge-watching episodes of the latest series,
Keeping aside life’s troubles and worries.

Finishing a book through the day,
With occasional coffee breaks, delivered to your doorway.

Tossing and turning, catching up on all the lost sleep,
An affair for lifetime with the BED you can secretly keep.

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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