The Office-Goer

The alarm goes off at a little before 7:00,
Have barely slept enough is what most have an expression,
Reaching to the workplace on time is the mind’s impression,
A quick run through over the day’s various session.

With half open eyes one steps out of the bed,
Trying to remember what job to finish boss had said,
A long day ahead,
is what is dread,

Preparing a presentation for the new client,
Impressing them with the company’s profit margins being giant,
One trick of trade is obliging to be compliant,
Showcasing how on their support we are reliant.

The commute to work pulls the energy out of us,
Be it a private vehicle, train, taxi or bus,
Every office goer has something about to cuss,
Frustrations and resentments are full on plus.

The lunch breaks are expected to start after the designated time,
Exceeding of 5 mins can be taken as a big crime,
Your head and his biased few are to be treated prime,
Fake ‘you are my ideal’ will help you corporate ladder climb.

Dealing with office politics is altogether a different ball game,
One must keep praying to not be in anyone’s hit list’s name,
All love to freebie claim,
Putting others down is no shame.

You hate your manager as such,
But can’t do about it much,
One surely does have their own set of bunch,
Who on the right time give you a boosting punch.

Waiting for E.O.D inorder to leave is looked forward eagerly,
Salary is always paid so meagerly,
Weekends are rarely spend leisurely,
And leaves or public holidays get over speedily.

The life of an office-goer is pretty much exhaustive,
Family members are sometimes unsupportive,
It could make you a little bit aggressive,
If asked to be all the time adjustive😁

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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