This man comes in your life when u make a firm choice,
You need to be sure as later about it can’t make any noise.

He is the guy who eventually steals your heart,
He becomes your MAN & only death can do you apart.

This fellow is none other then your darling husband,
Staying with him you may crib, there is none like him in a hundred thousand😉

He acts like a kid to attract your attention,
And secretly ensures his presence can bring you no tension.

His each move is to safegaurd you from any possible trouble,
Holds your hand firmly so you may never tumble.

At times he does scold you for being careless,
It’s only and only cause he loves you limitless.

He may demand things in the middle of the night,
Which dress looks good on you, about it is always right.

He has the potential to drive you crazy with his ‘i don’t care attitude’,
Weekeneds spend sitting in front of TV, eyes on it super glued.
A few of them dawn the chef’s hat,
After an ugly as well as regular spat😉

He does rant about his clothes or things not being in place,
But can’t do away when you give them his individual space.

A special date night he may for you organize,
N timely needs your inputs and advise.

However annoying the better-half can be,
To handle them good enough, each wife holds a special degree.

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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