Mucche ho toh Nathulal jaisi

What is with these Men and their mustache,
An unsaid rule of them being brash.

Agree that facial hair is a sign of chauvinism,
And the different styles show their inner emotionalism.

The constant curling of their loved whiskers,
Makes them look like great thinkers.

Let’s try to understand the several fashions,
And know who your men consider as their icons😉

The Chevron is thick & wide worn at the top border of the upper lip,
Does surely get soiled once anything is sipped.

The not so common is the Dali,
Long and pointy, acting like a folly.

The hair in an English one are long and pulled to the side,
Somehow in such men you feel a comfort to confide.

The Fu Manchu is the one that goes straight downwards,
Chinese men keep them to maintain a certain standard.

The current in-trend Handlebar is very bushy with small points in the end,
Look of Ranveer Singh or Shikar Dhawan, on your dressing may depend.

Tough guys or Bikers spot the Horseshoe look,
The vertical extensions from mouth to jawline, does not make you a crook😉

Lampshade mucchi is closely chopped to the be size of your mouth,
Not much care is needed to maintain it throughout.

Like the previous, just with rounded corners is the Painter’s Brush,
Extended variation of Lampshade as such.

Assumed to be drawn with a Pencil, led to derive this one’s name.
Wild Tache has to be shaven with perfect aim.

The military men kinda keep the double Boxcar Style,
A look of being versatile.

The list is yet not over,
Stated above are only those used kinda all-over.

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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