Lover’s Cry

Why does it hurt to let you go?
When we decided it as a mutual flow,
I want this time to move more slow,
Baby I am not ready to let you go!!

I still feel your arms secured around me,
Wonder how this new phase without you will be,
I still love you like crazy, can’t you see!
Baby I need you, to need me.

All the amazing time together we spent,
Are occupying a place in my heart without paying any rent,
You picked my stuff and without a second, just simply sent,
Baby I silently pray for our paths to mend.

I am convincing myself that it’s all over,
You won’t anymore be my protective cover,
How can you not see the pain I suffer?
Baby just one more time, love on me, Shower!

Holding your hands in mine made me feel comfortable,
Our chemistry to others could not be replicable,
You kept me going when I was extremely vulnerable,
Baby, your absence will cause me immense trouble.

I hope you have a wonderful life,
Desired to live each moment together till we are alive,
Hope to see you now in, our afterlife,
Baby, to make you mine I will harder strive.

Don’t forget you had a companion, who loved you so much,
Longed for your attention and not this immediate rush,
Also know, you will forever be my only crush,
Baby your mere smile still makes me blush!

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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