We all know who ‘Bagwati’ is,
Today on it, let’s do some analysis.♥
It’s an important thing that we women cannot go without,
Different brands, about the owner’s persona shouts.

We ladies, possess various sizes of this Bagwati,
Depending on whether it’s for regular use, some function or cocktail parties.😉

The bag normally has necessary stuff for daily use,
But now, pepper spray or a handgun are found, for mental truce.

Also found, are what we girls need on montly basis,
Can’t imagine life without them, suitable for women of all races.

The young girls carry bags on their strong shoulders,
With age the bags change and they too become bolder.

Each bag for each lady holds a lot of sentimental value,
In spite of having so many, a new one catches there fancy; gal mind you!😉

We love matching our bags to the dress color of the day,
A perfect bag, though partially broken, goes a long way.

Each bag of different size has got a different name,
To men how can they all seem the same? 😏

We chicks go crazy when there is a sale on bag’s brand,
Nothing deters us, even the longest of queues we can infinitely stand😉

Thanks dear Farhan Akhtar for understanding out eternal love for A BAG,
We wish to own all, irrespective of whatever be it’s price tag😁

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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