Holi – Colorful Colors

Holi is the festival of colors,
Celebrated as ‘Prahlad’ showed great valour.

A true devotee of Lord Vishnu,
In the fire pyre, along his aunt he sat to blew.

Lord Vishnu could not let his follower be harmed,
He came to his rescue all armed.

Aunt Holika was engulfed in the fire,
The villagers sung praises for great Almighty in a choir.

Moral says that good wins over the evil,
Nothing lasts long if it’s illegal.

Hirayankashiyup the demon king was killed by Lord Krishna,
Avtaar of Half Human – Half Animal named Lord Narasimha.

The age old story is what we all grew up listening to,
Now let’s unfold the modern version for our review.

The various colors fill our life with beauty,
The white canvas we wear, make d final outcome look beautiful absolutely.

Shades of red signify passion, love, blood or danger,
This color truly demonstrates signs of superior power.

Though Green is considered as a color of envy,
The nature in different shades of Green looks to us, utmost friendly.

They say that emotions are depicted well with help of all colors,
In life, try to be selfless and be happy for one another🙂

Lord Krishna was self-conscious of his blue skin color,
But it reminds us that no matter what color we are, eventually we have to support each other.

Author: Ishita Tanna Tavadia

A way to express what you feel can be best said in a non-verbal way !

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