Power of Small Gestures

I am so in love with this ‘Asian Paints Ace Shyne’ advertisment, about a young married couple moving into a new house which is freshly painted. The wife is seen romantically teasing her husband with a steel tiffin box which when reflects on a wall’s suface shines back to catch hold of the husband’s attention. They both get all lovey-dovey. Over the period, the couple looses the newly-wed charm and settle for a regular routine. The wife is seen talking on the phone while packing the lunch-box & the husband is seeing arguing with someone over his phone. The wife is absent-mindedly playing with the box’s lid and the husband does not even notice the earlier, ‘shine & tease’ game. Also it’s noticed that the wife does not bother about taking care about her appearance. In the start of the add, she was all dressed up and would go out lovingly to bid her husband a good-bye. Towards the end of the commercial, the wife is seen wearing a gown and just handing over the tiffin to the husband, who too, is in a foul mood. He bids her a good-bye but the wife bangs her door onto his face and walks inside. If you hear the lyrics, they too resonate the story line –

‘Andhar bhi shine,
Dil mein bhi shine,
Bahar bhi shine,
Dil mein bhi shine.

To later been sung as –

‘Andhar abhi bhi shine,
Dil mein no-no shine,
Bahar abhi bhi shine,
Dil mein no-no shine’

Cut to reality, most married couples go through this phase. The wife may not be a home-maker, nor necessarily the husband may be taking a tiffin but this so called ‘honeymoon phase’ quickly settles for a basic boring routine. The partners start taking the significant other for granted.

Things that initially were done together, shift to being done alone. Both perform activities, taking it to be their duties, rather then out of love or affection. The wife has to diligently look after the house-hold chores even if she is working. If she has some professional commitments to fulfil that would lead for her to be home late, dinner arrangements still have to made by her. Similarly, if the husbands takes a day off at work, it is expected that he helps rather then have some ‘me-time’. The romance between the couple generally flies out of the window or is pushed to one corner of the room.

The once in love twosome have heated arguments and/or sleep with backs turned to each-other.

Can this be avoided?

Yes, through small gestures of love.

In start of every relationship, the opposite person promises to move mountains for the other, but over the course of time all settle into their comfort zones. The girls that would take efforts to dress up for her bae, now walks around wearing pajamas all day. The newly wed husband, who would earlier bring gifts and chocolates on each special date, eventually forgets to get even a rose on those special occasions. The sweet exchange of messages take a backfoot. Going for dates is no more an exciting affair.

The partners just assume that the other understands that he/she is loved and hence they fail to say a simple ‘I Love You’.

That’s where these small gestures can save us.

Some gestures mentioned below can work magic for any relationship.

1. Good night hugs and good morning kisses.
Physical affection works wonders during any stage of a relationship. Just holding hands while watching TV or taking a stroll. Cuddling is a love language of it’s own.

2. Thoughtful lunch or dinner preparations.
Not just by the wife, but the husband too can make something simple as Maggi and chai when the wife is PMSing. Or when ordering, knowing the wife’s preference and doing the needful.

3. Planning of date-nights/vacations.
It’s not just the guy’s responsibility to plan them, the ladies too can treat the husbands.

4. Love Cards.
Leaving chits with cute love messages or quotes in them. Writing love letters in today’s technological era has it’s own charm.

5. Bring them treat they love.
If she loves wada-pav, bring it for her to gorge on it, once in a while. If his favorite ice-cream is blueberry dolly, enable him to feast on the same without any guilt.

6. Technological Disconnect.
Switch off your mobile phone or tab when with each other. Listen to what the other has to say. Spend quality time together.

7. Appreciate.
Be thankful to your partner for smallest of things, time and again. It could be for making an excellent cup of tea or ensuring the supplies are refilled timely. The golden word ‘Thank you’, really does wonders in any relationship. Don’t say say it though, mean it too!

8. Let the bae know she is being missed. When on a business trip or simply out hanging with friends, a small text stating you miss her company can make her fall in love with you all over again.

9. Listen and not hear.
When the wife rants about all that she is going through at home or work, listen to it patiently and don’t quickly jump to offering solutions. Vice-versa, the wife should not start comparing the husband to others when he shares his reasons for stress.

10. Laugh out loads.
Watch comedy shows or movies together and laugh your hearts out. Binge-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S together!

11. Shower compliments.
“You look handsome today” or “love how smartly you dealt with XYZ”. Few words of true flattery can just make the opposite partner feel loved and cared for.

12. Show concern.
When the significant other is alone or late, call to check on them, can speak volumes about being in love. Also, the partner receiving concerned calls should not be angry or talk rudely.

13. Understanding Silence.
It’s not necessary to always express what one feels. Most couples have a soul connection that lets the other identify the type of silence (silent, warm, angry, awkward).

14. Mean the sorry.
After disagreements, don’t just get away saying sorry. Ensure to rectify the mistake in-order to prove you had meant those apologies from all your heart.

15. Keep loving.
Once you have settled down as a man & woman, stick to the commitment of being together forever.

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.”

Happy International Men’s Day

Had in not been for you, loving grandfather,
I would never learn the art of holding everyone together!

Had it not been for you, dear dad,
I would never know how to be happy after being sad!

Had it not been for you, beloved brother,
I would never be able to feel this affection of being a sister!

Had it not been for you, darling hubby,
I would never experience this desire of being wanted so lovingly!

Had it not been for you, dearest uncle,
I would never muster courage to stand up after I stumble!

Had it not been for you, best friend,
I would never be able to late night parties so comfortably attend!

Had it not been for you, respected sir,
I would never be proficient for any exams of life, to clear!

Had it not been for you, the supporting Men,
I would never be able to venture out in the dark again!

We don’t celebrate you’ll very often,
But trust me, you guys are simply awesome.

We want you to know that you mean a lot to us,
Even if we keep fighting with you over petty stuff🙈

Happy International Men’s Day to all the sassy men out there,
It’s purely due to you, that so many things to try, we dare😊

‘My Bawa Is The Best’

Gaadi thi jaasti kare aa bairi ne prem,
Bawa che aa alag, Ashtad Tavadia is his name.

Birthdays and anniversaries kyare evan bhule nai,
Dance kare evan evo, tame joyu hase na kase kai.

Environment friendly che atlo ki pucho na vaat,
Can forever keep gorging on sali boti and dhansak.

Old Monk na stock thi kariyu gher nu bar counter full,
Udwada jaine laage ‘this is life’, but bawa you need to elsewhere chill.

Handsome that he looks in sadra and kasti,
Brand sivai koi cheej lidhi na ene sasti.

‘Moody’ jevo word that is not a part of his dictionary,
hugging, kissing & cuddling kare ee mane constantly.

My hero, the ever-true love of my life,
I am lucky to be this matida’s wife.

Chhe ena saathe maari life full of Zest,
I proudly say ‘My Bawa Is The Best’😘😘

Happy Children’s Day

Let the child in you never grow old,
Be a warm person even when the other to you is cold.

Children’s Day is not just for kids in nursery or school,
It’s for all those who love to be silly, and at times, a fool.

The world expects you to be matured and civilized,
But like a child, not everything has to be organized.

Enjoy each day, making the most out of it,
Keep trying new things, similar to the little ones who never quit.

It’s okay to at times demand and behave like a toddler,
Instead of always being so cautious and sober.

Let the mischievousness of a brat always be a part of you,
Be naive at heart, it’s high time due.

This Children’s Day, pledge to do all that you wanted to since long do,
Time is flying, life can at anytime say adieu.

Boondh Cups

A girl, as soon as she reaches her puberty age, starts tolerating the red days each month. From cramps to sore breasts, backaches to bloated tummy, mood swings to cravings for all the unhealthy food, women have to go through all of it.

The most frustrating thing is to keep wearing pads all through the end of your 5 or 7 day cycle (for most ladies). Some girls have to wear pads a few days prior to the actual date, just incase their is an untimely leak! Wearing them, leads to an unexplained discomfort. Few women wear tampons. Tampons are little plugs made of cotton that fit inside your front bottom that soaks up the menstrual blood.

Ideally, a pad needs to be changed every 4-5 hours whereas a tampon should be changed every 6-7 hours.

Recently my bestie introduced me to an addition in the feminine hygiene product category – the Menstrual Cup. This is an amazing gift that each girl should give herself, as a treat to help sail though the bleeding days!
Menstrual cups are shaped like little bells or bowls, and they’re made of rubber, silicone, or soft plastic. One can wear the cup inside the vulva, and it collects menstrual blood. Most cups are reusable — you just empty it when you need to (they claim 12 hours protection) wash and clean it, and it’s good to be used again. They are like a blessing during the menses.

Those who have not tried on tampons could be apprehensive to prod something up in the most delicate organ of the lady’s body, but after reading & listening to shared experiences, it’s confirmed that each of them now find solace during their monthlies.

One just has to master the trick to use it correctly. When wore properly, it makes you forget about the flow. An additional brownie point is the absence of fishy smell often experienced during the discharging days!

To top it all, it’s highly beneficial to the environment!! One cup, if properly maintained can last upto a good 10 years. Imagine, the number of pads or tampons each girl would not use thereby helping to keep the nature clean.😊

All in all, this boondh cup has made life of most women’s periods period to look forward too. No more pads and the complementary rashes, no more conscious sleeping positions and just absolutely no stress of bedsheet stains. Above all, a feeling of doing your bit for our dear Mother Earth.

To all those reading this, menstrual cup can be the most useful and thoughtful gift given to the women or your bestie, whom you love the most!

Depression – Social Media

Each day I get up to see: a set of school friends partying in the town’s hippest discotheque, graduation friends sharing candid shots & snippets of their fancy fairy tale wedding, my ex-students uploading babymoon snaps & few other friends enjoying vacations at some exotic locations.

Where do I get these details from?

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp!

These social media platforms are nothing but ‘gaam-ni-panchat’, a Gujju definition for ‘Facebook’ & ‘Instagram’.

One catches a glimpse of not just their friends but also of celebrities living their life to the fullest. Where they party, where they casually hang-out, clothes and brands they wear, cuisines they try and what not!

Knowingly or unknowingly these updates from each person on our FB, WhatsApp status & Insta page, fills a void in our lives. We start comparing ourselves to them. We start looking up to them. We secretly desire to be like them.

A friend of mine, was prone to this. A mom to a wonderful kid, she followed so many mom bloggers through these sites, and as a result, felt herself to be an incompetent mother. She constantly felt the need to do something extra for her kid. A sheer pressure that she could not take her kid to an X class mentioned by some mom blogger or use a Y method to raise her kid, often bogged her down. Knowing her all my life and observing her since she got preggers, all I can say is no-one would be better mom to her angel, then yummy-mummy already is.

I ain’t saying these social media platforms are a waste of our time, but as per various studies conducted across the globe, out of every 10 people 7 are dissatisfied of their life after comparing it with others. These handles only project a ‘I am so happy’ version of themselves.

On the flip side, I also agree that they provide useful information to many but at what cost? Also, I am not against any of these platforms or bloggers, but just imagine how shallow they make us feel. They induce a sense of ‘I wish I had that or I wish I was more like him/her’.

Where are we heading to? In this so-called fake world, where everything except death is temporary; what are we chasing? Happiness or self-inflicted pain? Pain of left-out, pain of not fitting in with the world, pain of missing out if not on these social scorecards.

Ample number of times we have come across quotes like: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt; “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” Lao Tzu; “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” Tim Hiller. In spite of that, we keep equating our lifestyles to them.

The excessive use of this internet community has made us so redundant. Our creativity too is hampered. Using ‘Googalai-namah’, we find multiple solutions for our day-to-day problems, in just matter of seconds. Gone are the days when we would call our grandmothers or grandfathers for their ‘garelu nuskas’.

Through this post, I want my readers to not feel left out watching other people enjoying life, nor I want them to constantly keep evaluating what they own in correlation to others.

We all have different time-zones. Our time to shine may be someone else’s time to be dull. Don’t get carried away contemplating another people’s life.

The minute you start measuring your life to that which your friends showcase on social media, is the time you are falling in the depression zone! Be aware and use these media wisely, or soon you will find yourself in deep lost zone.


… and once again, SHE travelled on a voyage of no return.

What age are we in? Have we really progressed? Do people really understand the amount of mental compression we can cause others?

I am deeply grieved to have lost a close associate, who was merely 31-year-old, to depression and mental distress. Apart from her so called family of ‘in-laws’; yes, I would blame the lady too, for allowing herself go through the agony.

Why is it that we place our life in hands of ‘naseeb’ aka ‘destiny’, and take in all that comes our way? Can we or rather don’t we know, how to take charge of our lives?

The dear deceased woman, may her soul rest in peace finally, was a post graduate and worked in a top-notch company at a senior position. She was moderately healthy which kind of created complications in conceiving. The sheer pressure from just one year of being married to have a child, made her life miserable. She was repetitively pin-pointed at what all she consumed, compelled to have a certain style of dressing as well as coerced to part of with her salary to meet the household needs. Her phone would be regularly scrutinized to ensure she did not tête-à-tête with guys. Social interactions too, were not encouraged.

Aren’t we living in a century where we swipe right to find a perfect match? Then, what would you call this behaviour and the era the family lives in?

I also feel livid at this young lady. She was a well-qualified person, working at such a respectable position and financially super independent. Why did she not leave all this behind and stay separate to live life at her own terms? Just left it all on fate and surrendered to injustice done to her time and again. Only because the scars of her pain were not visible, could not the parents bring her back home? Could they, being the girl’s parents not interfere in her marital discords?

Why we girls need a man to validate our completeness? Why aren’t we taught to love ourselves first and put the needs of the family later? Why do we wait for a girl to sacrifice her life in order to realize that these age-old traditions need to change? Not having a kid is okay, you surely can adopt one! There are so many abandoned by their respective set of parents. These children need a family to love them anyways.

What must have this 31-year-old soul felt on departing her body? A ‘Thank-You’ to God to end her miseries? Or a ‘I am Sorry’ to her parents?

Through this small piece, I just want all the females reading this to know that – you are very precious to your parents. Don’t ever hesitate to speak your heart out to them. Don’t be broken when a worthless guy does not value your presence or importance. You, my dear girl, have the power to achieve anything you want, whether it’s managing a house or a big company, being its CEO.

Whenever you are in mental pain, parents are the best people to speak too. If you don’t share a great rapport with them, don’t ever shy away to take professional help. God has sent each of us on this earth to make a difference to someone’s life, find a purpose and go ahead fulfilling it.

To the men reading this, all I can say is that – being a woman, isn’t easy. Respect, love and pamper the girls be it your: mother, sister, girlfriend, niece, wife or daughter. Be supportive and appreciative to their needs. You may not be able to help them in their day-to-day chores, but one gesture of ‘YES, I do care for you and love you for who you are!’ is enough for the girl to surpass any storm of her life.

Boys and Girls, be happy and love the life you have.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”
Steve Jobs

Mother’s Day

Yet another day dedicated to our sweetheart mommy is here and social media is filled with Mother’s Day advertisements to showcase different ways we can love them. Some of them are truly brilliant. The recent one being ‘Are we teaching our sons, what we’ve been teaching our daughters’ by Ariel – Sons #ShareTheLoad.

The 2nd Sunday of May will witness, selfies with darling mothers captioned – ‘You are the best mother a child like me could get’, flooding the Instagram and Facebook pages as well as WhatsApp Status and Snapchat stories.

Cakes will be cut; flowers and gifts will be given; love will be poured through lengthy messages and hugs and kissed will be showered on her. The restaurants will have a profitable business and the malls will observe a colossal footfall. Mothers will be persuaded to pamper herself by using the SPA vouchers given by kids or indulge in crazy shopping spree. At the end of the day, the child will feel satiated to have made his or her mother’s, day special.

On the other side, we may also espy children who have lost their mom’s, reminiscing about her with social handles quoting – ‘I dearly miss your presence, Maa’

Each bairn simply show-offs the affection he or she has for his amma through all the above stated drama.

This very Mother’s Day is sheerly a PDA!

Reading this, you may feel, what a bitter lady this ‘Gujju Bawi’ is! Seems like she does not love her mother or is not on talking terms with her. But that is so not true.

Just like the most of you’ll, along my husband and sister in-law, I too will have a special lunch-date with my mother in-law, slice the cake, present a bouquet and inundate her with our love. The 2nd half of my day will be reserved for my Mommy number 1. Here, instead of cake, aam-ras will be consumed (it’s mango Season yaar and Gujratis can kill for Mango ras). Both the time, we kiddos will click photos with our Mom’s and the day will be over.

Now have you ever wondered, that a lady who carried you in her womb for 9 months, in her arms for nearly 2 years and in her heart forever; is really wanting to celebrate this day in a style decided by you? Do you feel the branded watch, expensive lunch or dinner, scented perfumes, designer bags and latest mobile-phones or tablets are really going to make her happy?

We all are extremely busy with our lives. Whether we live with our parents or away from them, the essence of communication in these recent years has simply perished. Even when we go out as a family, all that we really do is click loads of pictures and then each member uploads it on their respective forums for the world to see and believe that the family is having a time of their life. Basically, we are together just physically, whereas mentally we exist in different zones.

How many times have we simply picked up the phone to just check on our moms? When did we last go give her sometime-off from the kitchen? Did we ever, without her complaining of ailments just go and give her a foot or back massage? Told her a thank you for making our life easy by merely being there in it? Or have we ever just asked her, her problems and circumvent those issues? Did we ever do anything without she having to say anything to us? Not get mad when to stay connected with us, she pesters to update her with the latest technology or application. Nobbut give her undivided attention and plant kisses when entering and leaving the house. Answer the phone the very instant she calls or immediately call her once you are no longer occupied? Not make a grunting voice when she requests you to get something from the market. Be grateful for all the meals she makes (even when sometimes you dislike a particular dish).

I am sure, most of us have time and again taken our mom’s for granted. Getting mad at her, somewhere is like a birth-right we are privileged to. We have fought with her, not spoken for days may be, shoved plates and banged the door on her face. And yet, she has still loved us with all her heart.

Through this article, I plea each of you reading this to evaluate how good a son or daughter you have been to your baa (mom in Gujrati) in the past and as a Mother’s Day gift just be there for her not just on one specific day but all days of your life. There won’t be a better Mother’s Day gift then having her kid who is always listening and loving his/her Aai.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mommies out there ❤️

Sahebji Salaam

The wall clock struck 2:30 am and just then, the lizard moved a slight inch forward to catch her prey. Sadananshiv sheepishly stared at the creepy wall creature who was about to pounce on her dinner for the night. A few minutes back, the lizard’s dinner, had troubled Sadananshiv by constantly buzzing in his ears. He rather felt bad to see the mosquito about to lose its life.

Just then, he heard the clangouring of a vessel. He was up startled, but soon realised that ‘Timmy’ must have caused the sound. Timmy was a cat, residing with an elderly woman in flat number 301 of ‘Emperial Heights’, a high-rise building located close to Mumbai’s Santacruz station.

The owner of the cat, Mrs. Shanti Ramdayal Surve, was a widow, who suffered from Neurological vision impairment. She had lost her husband at a relatively young age of 42, in a car accident. She survived after being in comma for nearly a month. The accident led to a traumatic brain injury, which resulted in a blurry vision. She could work independently during the day, but require assistance in the night, for which she had hired a caretaker. The caretaker would come around six in the evening; cook and feed Mrs. Shanti and Timmy, wash the utensils and lay them to dry on the kitchen balcony. Before tucking Mrs. Shanti to sleep around 11:00 pm, she would finish any pending laundry or some basic household chores; and leave.

Mrs. Shanti had only one son Sameer, who was married and settled in Pune. He had tried convincing his mother repeatedly to shift with them to Pune, but each time, to not leave Mumbai, Mrs. Shanti would state an emotional reason. For Sameer to leave Pune was difficult since his company did not have a branch in Mumbai and he being at a very important position could not resign abruptly. He along his family would visit her every 2 months and spend the weekend together. Mrs. Shanti had kept herself occupied in many activities and therefore felt lonely occasionally. Her constant company was her pet cat Timmy, gifted to her by her son. Mrs. Shanti had loved pets, but could never keep one when Mr. Ramdayal was alive and on receiving Timmy, her happiness knew no bounds.

Sadananshiv was a 35-year-old security guard of ‘Emperial Heights’. People lovingly called him ‘Shiv’. He was the night shift security guard of the building. Late in the mornings, he would go around doing odd work for the residents of the building. Shiv could never accomplish a task without secondary help given to him. To fetch basic stuff from the market, one would require giving him the precise list and approximately exact cash. One thing most people liked about him was his honest nature. He never lied. As such in true sense, he was a man with clear soul.

Unlike other qualities of ‘Lord Shiv’, our poor chap Sadananshiv was a fattu. The irony of his life – he was a night shift security guard. To avoid working in the night shift, he had tried his hands at all sorts of manual labour work: be it a carpenter, mason, construction worker, electrician or a plumber. However, he failed at each of the above-mentioned field and would be sacked in the 1st week of joining.

Eventually, on much pleading done by his uncle to the secretary of ‘Emperial Heights’, Mr. Khurrana, Sadananshiv got the job. His duties included securing the building premises by patrolling, monitoring surveillance, inspecting building’s equipment and access point and permitting entry. Precisely at 5:30 am he would have to wake up his companion (if he had fallen asleep, which was almost daily) so that he could go, on the taps, on the terrace for water to be filled.

Shiv was terrified of darkness, but would never let it show. During his regular strolls he would keep a torch handy, to avoid being in situations of complete darkness. He was a firm believer of Lord Shiva, but would recite Hanuman Chalisa during the nightly patrols.

Shiv returned to continue starting at the Lizard and wait for the clock to strike 3, which was when he would go around the premises for regular inspection.

5 minutes or so would have passed when Shiv heard faint cries of some woman. At first, he thought someone would have slept with the TV on and the sounds were coming in from there, but the cries were followed by one more noise of a glass falling down.

Shiv was up all tensed, unable to understand what was going on. He would always pray to God for a smooth and trouble-free night.

Several thoughts flushed into his tiny-miny brains. He mumbled to himself, “could it be a thief or the notorious chaddi-gang. No no, I do not feel it could be them. Then? Could it be the Chudail these previous security guards have spoken about? The soft cries are how a Chudail attracts attention. Jai Hanuman Gyaan Gun Sagar….” He kept reciting the Hanuman Chalisa and moved forward in the direction of the noise. The cries stopped and suddenly there was a pin-drop silence.

He heaved a sigh of relief thinking his problems had ended and started walking back towards his cabin, when again he heard a loud thud and an even louder meow of a cat. Instantly he felt it was the Timmy, desperately calling out for help. He ran inside the main door of Emperial Heights towards the lift. The lift was on the 14th floor and if he would have waited, may be something could go wrong. Hence, he dashed to the staircase and climbed up 3 floors to reach flat number 301. He stood still for a moment to confirm whether the noise was coming from 301 or no. One more purring of the cat and he was sure it was Mrs. Shanti, in trouble. He rushed to the door to find it firmly shut, which meant that getting inside, needed some strategy. He looked left and right, wondered if he should ring the bell of flat number 302 for help, but quickly dismissed the thought. The building had glass openings all the way up its staircase, a deliberate architectural design to be used incase of a fire.

He charged towards the window, only to find it half-open. A chilling thought rushed his mind, what if a thief had entered Mrs. Shanti’s house from the same place. He freezed at the sheer notion of the same. The thief could be well armed and hurt Shiv on finding him inside the house. At that very same moment, a dialogue from Bahubali came in his mind, “Samay har kaayar ko shoorvir banne ka ek avsar deta hai, veh kshan yahi hai.” The mere dialogue gave him the strength and he leapt out of the window. The balcony was at a 2-inch gap, which was easily accessible. Shiv quietly entered the balcony and waited to observe the situation. Just then, he felt the cat’s mouth on his pants, asking to be followed. Mrs. Shanti was lying on the floor barely breathing. Shiv in literal sense sprinted to check on Mrs. Surve and on an impulse called on Mr. Shah’s number. Mr. Shah was a doctor, residing in flat number 1103 of the same building. He reached well in time to attend the collapsed Mrs. Shanti and made necessary arrangements to admit her to the nearest hospital.

Next morning all were in praises of Sadanandshiv, who overcame his fear and saved Mrs. Shanti’s life. Mrs. Shanti’s son rushed from Pune to be with his mother and applauded Shiv for his quick thinking. He also rewarded Shiv with some cash.

Shiv instantly became everyone’s favourite and all the security guards of other buildings came to appreciate his smart gesture.

Shiv could not stop thanking God and Amendra Bahubali for giving him the strength that night. He shut his eyes to thank God and just then, he heard faint cries of some woman and a cat meowing.

When he opened his eyes, the clock had struck 2:30 am and the lizard moved an inch forward to catch her prey……


A funny yet serious observation I made,
At times people don’t their own names appreciate.

As such it belongs just to you,
Unfortunately it is decided by the parent duo.

One might be named behind a favorite celebrity,
Stuck forever with it is the poor child’s destiny.

Historical names were in trend during the 70-80s,
Raaja Beta or Kumud Rani were labels given to cute little babies.

Few dislike their appellations as they are too common,
Like Raj, Rahul, Anjali or Simran.

Others are paranoid hearing to their tag’s pronunciations,
“It’s Samaira and not Sameera”, simple yet tiring is the explanation.

Each individual has a funny story behind his or her nickname,
What’s your call dear, on the same?


Pink, majenta, purple or white,
Colors make our world so beautiful and bright.

Each of them has its own history to share,
Beautiful to look are stations painted stairs.

Ever wondered life, if options were just red, yellow and blue,
Tired would be our eyes, from the same kind of view.

A painting would surely loose its charm,
Identical in tincture would be various types of pain relief balm.

The precious gems would not be worthy anymore,
How would we then various jewellery adore?

Men would as such have a blessed life,
Time wouldn’t be taken much to get ready by their darling wives.

Women on the other hand would have limited clothes and accessories,
Less of trouble to their memories.

Colorful would not be then the festival of ‘Holi’,
Festivities would not be felt during Ramzan or Diwali.

Life could be dull with just these primary colors,
Glad to have secondary and tertiary shades to do wonders.


And each time these deadly creatures,
Hurt our dear country’s protectors,
I wonder how wicked would be there preachers,
Who savour killing common people and nation’s defenders.

Do their hearts not bleed to see so much of bloodshed,
Children, women and elders don’t they themselves possess,
What happiness they derive by destroying peaceful sleep when citizens on bed,
And the question is, how such crucial information they access.

I feel these acts are from cowardly subjects,
As if they are born to just complete the massacre projects,
Surviving without a set of personal ethics and morals,
They relish when others quarrel.

I pray God to end this hatred between humans,
Throughout the world so many worthy individuals we have lost,
Just end this ‘my religion is superior’ confusion,
Each homo sapien has some attached cost.

Mumbai Winters

So much has been written about the Mumbai rains,
So for a change,
To talk about the Winters, let’s not abstain.

The climate suddenly has become so chilly,
All are seen wearing sweaters or hoodie,
To gorge on food, not many feel guilty.

The atmosphere is so serene,
Tempts one to have Hot chai or strong caffeine,
And sometimes Manchow soup and chow mein😀

The bed is constantly reminding you of it’s presence,
But at work, important is attendance,
To later avoid any situation unpleasant.

The fans are off for the past few nights,
All one wishes is to cuddle and sleep tight,
Netflix-ing & Old Monk can bring sheer delight🤭

It’s difficult to get up in the morning,
The alarm is on constant mode of snoozing,
Yet the fitness freaks are all up and running.

Lips have become pale & chapped,
Heels too can be seen all cracked,
On Mumbaikars, such is the Winter’s impact.

The MALL Culture

Right from a 2 year old kid,
To a adult diaper wearing geriatric,
Going to a mall is very attractive.

The craze for it is undefined,
As under one roof, many things you find,
So much to choose from, so many offers, it makes you mentally blind.

People from various class can be seen in the mall,
Window shopping or simply for a stroll,
Babies in prams or parents running behind them as they crawl.

The whole sense of buying things has seen a sudden change,
Since these ‘Plazas’ keep stuff of various brands and range,
The impulse buy you make is due to the way they articles arrange.

What has taken over us that we so love going to a mall,
Somewhere knowing that once done, our wallets will have a fall,
Moving with the herd mentality from one to another stall.

The ‘Sale’ sell goods which may be old or of inferior quality,
The funny part is, we are aware of the reality,
And still buying as well as spending in great quantity.

I too love visiting these super markets,
All decked up, ready to be their new target,
One bag in my hand for sure, each time I have from here departed.

Connection through Communication

One may be deaf, dumb or blind,Expressing or sharing thoughts leads to mental peace find.
A baby with monosyllable and gestures combined,
Is able to show us, what is running in through his/her minds.

Communication connects us all to understand the others’ perspective,
And we act as per our subjective,
Connecting or binding is the main objective,
A sense of being one, collective.

Imagine if we could not communicate!
Would civilizations grow at this rate?
How would we to each other persuade?
That it is essential to time and again rejuvenate.

One is able to convey successfully even if languages are different,
Emotions in the process of communication are utmost significant,
All 5 senses play the role like an excellent participant,
And as such the signs or chattering both are equivalent.

One just glooms when the other fails to be in same thought frequency,
Devastated and broken, at the same time, equally,
Connection with the right people has to happen vehemently,
As well as, without much effort, just ceaselessly.

It could be ‘ME’ or ‘YOU’

Is it wrong to love yourself?

Why is it necessary to please others always?


Doing things that make you happy,

Just laying around & not being out partying.


Having hot Maggi with ample of cheese on it,

Fail to remember stuff hence making small small chits.


Singing the new favourite song on the top of your voice,

Need none’s interference or thumps up for your choice.


Reading the same book over and over again,

Somewhere, something from it you may surely gain.


Going to CCD or Starbucks and having an expensive coffee,

It’s your life after all, you are allowed to take a funky selfie


You may earn more or less than your fellow mates,

And could explore the whole concept of blind dates


You may chose to move out and built the house of your dreams,

It’s not cause with your parents you are on extremes.


Loving the same or opposite sex is purely your wish,

Stay away from people, but don’t let them get on your nerves, please.


Each individual has the right to live life on their own set of terms,

Eventually it’s just you, winner from so many sperms 😉



Brother – 2nd Hero of the Girl’s Life

All sisters will with me agree,
Having a brother gives safety’s garuntee,
Not a dull moment having him around it may be,
To be with you, he will try each time to be free♥

Whether he is elder or younger to you,
Constant love and support he showers, which is true,
Mischief maker as well as all your chocolates he will chew,
To make you happy after a fight is his motto, something we have no clue.

He looks upto to you to share his feelings,
Coz you may be his strong support and may help him in situations dealing,
Things that may hurt you, he is good at conceiling,
Is afraid to see you go away, everything and everyone leaving.

He does trouble in a way to make you pull your hair & shout,
But would kill some1 who even thinks to upset you, without any doubt,
To parents about you he may always rant out,
But in the need of hour he won’t ever on you back out.

A brother-sister bond is special in it’s own way,
Each sibling-couple has spent some amazing and wonderful days,
They keep being there for each other, all parents pray,
And there relations too never stray♥

Just Hold On !

When life gives you lemon,
Make lemonade out of it,
Each incident teaches you some lesson,
And will also make you fit.

People will always try to put you down,
Don’t get affected by it,
The world is ruthless and enjoy when someone will drown,
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

The political game is part and parcel of our life,
Learn how to play it,
Be a smart knife,
Know when to apply butter n when to slit.

The world is filled with people who love to deceive,
Ensure you are not one of the hypocrite,
Try hard for success to with smart work achieve,
Be cool, calm and compose when showing off your wit.

Life has it’s way to make you strong,
Just follow the righteous path bit by bit,
Morally awaken senses won’t let you go wrong,
If you are messed up, just simple to a loved one admit.

An Affair to Remember!

She felt guilty of her new addiction,
The affair in her boring life was a recent distraction.

Most of her married-working friends had forced her to,
Try this game about which not many have a clue.

It was about having to lie,
Feel feel, to the temptation don’t deny.

Since she was working, the trip did not feel fake,
A day spent in bed not thinking of it as a mistake.

Just the mere thought of laying and enjoying,
Letting go of reservations and emotions free flowing.

Ordering her favourite delicacy and dessert,
Wearing pajama pants and a loose t-shirt.

Binge-watching episodes of the latest series,
Keeping aside life’s troubles and worries.

Finishing a book through the day,
With occasional coffee breaks, delivered to your doorway.

Tossing and turning, catching up on all the lost sleep,
An affair for lifetime with the BED you can secretly keep.

The Office-Goer

The alarm goes off at a little before 7:00,
Have barely slept enough is what most have an expression,
Reaching to the workplace on time is the mind’s impression,
A quick run through over the day’s various session.

With half open eyes one steps out of the bed,
Trying to remember what job to finish boss had said,
A long day ahead,
is what is dread,

Preparing a presentation for the new client,
Impressing them with the company’s profit margins being giant,
One trick of trade is obliging to be compliant,
Showcasing how on their support we are reliant.

The commute to work pulls the energy out of us,
Be it a private vehicle, train, taxi or bus,
Every office goer has something about to cuss,
Frustrations and resentments are full on plus.

The lunch breaks are expected to start after the designated time,
Exceeding of 5 mins can be taken as a big crime,
Your head and his biased few are to be treated prime,
Fake ‘you are my ideal’ will help you corporate ladder climb.

Dealing with office politics is altogether a different ball game,
One must keep praying to not be in anyone’s hit list’s name,
All love to freebie claim,
Putting others down is no shame.

You hate your manager as such,
But can’t do about it much,
One surely does have their own set of bunch,
Who on the right time give you a boosting punch.

Waiting for E.O.D inorder to leave is looked forward eagerly,
Salary is always paid so meagerly,
Weekends are rarely spend leisurely,
And leaves or public holidays get over speedily.

The life of an office-goer is pretty much exhaustive,
Family members are sometimes unsupportive,
It could make you a little bit aggressive,
If asked to be all the time adjustive😁


This man comes in your life when u make a firm choice,
You need to be sure as later about it can’t make any noise.

He is the guy who eventually steals your heart,
He becomes your MAN & only death can do you apart.

This fellow is none other then your darling husband,
Staying with him you may crib, there is none like him in a hundred thousand😉

He acts like a kid to attract your attention,
And secretly ensures his presence can bring you no tension.

His each move is to safegaurd you from any possible trouble,
Holds your hand firmly so you may never tumble.

At times he does scold you for being careless,
It’s only and only cause he loves you limitless.

He may demand things in the middle of the night,
Which dress looks good on you, about it is always right.

He has the potential to drive you crazy with his ‘i don’t care attitude’,
Weekeneds spend sitting in front of TV, eyes on it super glued.
A few of them dawn the chef’s hat,
After an ugly as well as regular spat😉

He does rant about his clothes or things not being in place,
But can’t do away when you give them his individual space.

A special date night he may for you organize,
N timely needs your inputs and advise.

However annoying the better-half can be,
To handle them good enough, each wife holds a special degree.

Daddy’s Little Princess

When she was born he was immensely happy,
Soon waiting for to be called daddy.

He protects her from the smallest of pains,
Expecting himself to be her main.

Her smallest of wish or demand he makes it a point to fulfill,
Nursing her when she falls ill.

Clasping her tiny fingers he teaches her to walk,
On any subject practically he can talk.

Guiding her on what is wrong and right,
He inclines to keep her in front of his careful sight.

Making her a strong person is what he truly desires,
Hankers to safeguard her from all sorts of liars.

One day she will leave him and go to her other man is what he knows,
Secretly he yearns to go with wherever she goes.

They say a daddy loves her princess more then anything,
Why do we girls have to leave them to be with the other king?

Life of a WIFE!

Before the milkman arrives she is expected to rise,
May not be a morning person, but to each family member has to be nice.

Right from boiling the milk to making breakfast, lunch & dinner,
Putting needs of the family first and doing things quicker.

She is no more the princess of her father’s kingdom,
And has to juggle through various roles, unlike the initial freedom.

Whether she is a housewife or a working lady,
Her husband will always behave like a baby.

The in-laws do treat her as a part of an extended family,
Assuming she knows the art of handling stuff patiently.

She has to ensure the supplies in the house are not over,
And surely can’t spend a good time under the shower.

‘What should I cook to make the family members happy?’
Is a thought running through her mind continuously.

She may be in professional or personal pain,
But not a word to anyone she can complain.

Expectations after marriage from each relative are very high,
Luckily during the dating days, if no one saw you, she could heave a
relief’s sigh.

The roses & gifts she got prior to being a married couple,
Are now forgotten and adds to her list of troubles.

Fairy-tale stories spoke of love and marriage as the life’s only
important thing,
But while doing household work, like a Cinderella she can’t sing.

The clan wants her to be the best under any given circumstance,
At the end of the day she wants to come back to them, even if there
was some other chance.

Life is a roller coaster for any lady, especially when she is a wife,
Little can I explain through my poem, her day-to-day life.


It’s only you, who can make yourself happy,
So be full of life and as much as possible crazy.

No1 can put you down,
If you simply avoid negativity around.

The smell of earth before the rains,
Can soak away your tiny pains.

To enjoy the summer season,
Each of us need no reason.

Listening to music can calm your mind,
Reading enough will help you to answers find.

Playing with a small baby will relieve you of stress,
And you will see life is not all that a mess.

Deep meditation can enlighten your 5 major senses,
You will feel free, not be held back by any fences.

Smiling when you walk will ensure you attract inner peace,
Happiness hormones you will release.

So do things you are passionate about,
Without giving away to any doubt.

These could be a few mantra to find eternal happiness,
Assure you, you won’t ever feel the feeling of loneliness.

Mucche ho toh Nathulal jaisi

What is with these Men and their mustache,
An unsaid rule of them being brash.

Agree that facial hair is a sign of chauvinism,
And the different styles show their inner emotionalism.

The constant curling of their loved whiskers,
Makes them look like great thinkers.

Let’s try to understand the several fashions,
And know who your men consider as their icons😉

The Chevron is thick & wide worn at the top border of the upper lip,
Does surely get soiled once anything is sipped.

The not so common is the Dali,
Long and pointy, acting like a folly.

The hair in an English one are long and pulled to the side,
Somehow in such men you feel a comfort to confide.

The Fu Manchu is the one that goes straight downwards,
Chinese men keep them to maintain a certain standard.

The current in-trend Handlebar is very bushy with small points in the end,
Look of Ranveer Singh or Shikar Dhawan, on your dressing may depend.

Tough guys or Bikers spot the Horseshoe look,
The vertical extensions from mouth to jawline, does not make you a crook😉

Lampshade mucchi is closely chopped to the be size of your mouth,
Not much care is needed to maintain it throughout.

Like the previous, just with rounded corners is the Painter’s Brush,
Extended variation of Lampshade as such.

Assumed to be drawn with a Pencil, led to derive this one’s name.
Wild Tache has to be shaven with perfect aim.

The military men kinda keep the double Boxcar Style,
A look of being versatile.

The list is yet not over,
Stated above are only those used kinda all-over.

Lover’s Cry

Why does it hurt to let you go?
When we decided it as a mutual flow,
I want this time to move more slow,
Baby I am not ready to let you go!!

I still feel your arms secured around me,
Wonder how this new phase without you will be,
I still love you like crazy, can’t you see!
Baby I need you, to need me.

All the amazing time together we spent,
Are occupying a place in my heart without paying any rent,
You picked my stuff and without a second, just simply sent,
Baby I silently pray for our paths to mend.

I am convincing myself that it’s all over,
You won’t anymore be my protective cover,
How can you not see the pain I suffer?
Baby just one more time, love on me, Shower!

Holding your hands in mine made me feel comfortable,
Our chemistry to others could not be replicable,
You kept me going when I was extremely vulnerable,
Baby, your absence will cause me immense trouble.

I hope you have a wonderful life,
Desired to live each moment together till we are alive,
Hope to see you now in, our afterlife,
Baby, to make you mine I will harder strive.

Don’t forget you had a companion, who loved you so much,
Longed for your attention and not this immediate rush,
Also know, you will forever be my only crush,
Baby your mere smile still makes me blush!


What is LOVE?

Is it the small gestures shown by your near & dear ones,
Or is it the big things done by someone!

When mother waits for your safe return home night after night,
And father for your future education with the society fights!

When your sister bakes your favorite dish,
And your brother for your protection each second wish!

When grandpa protects you from parents wrath,
And your grandma advices you to follow the righteous path!

When your uncle secretly gives you additional pocket-money,
And aunty cracks jokes oh so funny!

When a lover brings a chocolate during each meet,
And husband helps you keep the house clean & neat!

When a bestie scolds you for smoking,
And your colleagues help for stress coping!

Can all this be True Love in someway?
What kind of life are we living in times of Today!


We all know who ‘Bagwati’ is,
Today on it, let’s do some analysis.♥
It’s an important thing that we women cannot go without,
Different brands, about the owner’s persona shouts.

We ladies, possess various sizes of this Bagwati,
Depending on whether it’s for regular use, some function or cocktail parties.😉

The bag normally has necessary stuff for daily use,
But now, pepper spray or a handgun are found, for mental truce.

Also found, are what we girls need on montly basis,
Can’t imagine life without them, suitable for women of all races.

The young girls carry bags on their strong shoulders,
With age the bags change and they too become bolder.

Each bag for each lady holds a lot of sentimental value,
In spite of having so many, a new one catches there fancy; gal mind you!😉

We love matching our bags to the dress color of the day,
A perfect bag, though partially broken, goes a long way.

Each bag of different size has got a different name,
To men how can they all seem the same? 😏

We chicks go crazy when there is a sale on bag’s brand,
Nothing deters us, even the longest of queues we can infinitely stand😉

Thanks dear Farhan Akhtar for understanding out eternal love for A BAG,
We wish to own all, irrespective of whatever be it’s price tag😁

Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day to all of us,
Let’s not be in any sort of rush.

Life will give us it’s taste of pull n push,
Have patience,but for wrong reasons don’t be shush.

Be it a transgender, girl or boy,
All have a fair share over life’s smallest of joy.

We all are born equal,
Division in all the ways is done by ‘we the people’.

‘Men should not cry’ is stereotyped,
‘Women should not be ambitious’ is what’s always been hyped.

Transgenders are always looked down upon,
Treated as untouchables all along.

We all have attributes of a male and a female,
Why can’t we humans decently with each other behave?

Sensitivity is a vital part of being human,
Does not matter who you are, a man or a woman♥

Each day is a Women’s day for all of us,
Different roles being played without any sort of fuss 😊

Holi – Colorful Colors

Holi is the festival of colors,
Celebrated as ‘Prahlad’ showed great valour.

A true devotee of Lord Vishnu,
In the fire pyre, along his aunt he sat to blew.

Lord Vishnu could not let his follower be harmed,
He came to his rescue all armed.

Aunt Holika was engulfed in the fire,
The villagers sung praises for great Almighty in a choir.

Moral says that good wins over the evil,
Nothing lasts long if it’s illegal.

Hirayankashiyup the demon king was killed by Lord Krishna,
Avtaar of Half Human – Half Animal named Lord Narasimha.

The age old story is what we all grew up listening to,
Now let’s unfold the modern version for our review.

The various colors fill our life with beauty,
The white canvas we wear, make d final outcome look beautiful absolutely.

Shades of red signify passion, love, blood or danger,
This color truly demonstrates signs of superior power.

Though Green is considered as a color of envy,
The nature in different shades of Green looks to us, utmost friendly.

They say that emotions are depicted well with help of all colors,
In life, try to be selfless and be happy for one another🙂

Lord Krishna was self-conscious of his blue skin color,
But it reminds us that no matter what color we are, eventually we have to support each other.

True Love

The tremendous flash of lighting woke her from a troubled sleep,
That night all she did was weep,
Lost in the memories deep,
Is it real ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’

She tried hard to get over her losses,
No amount of turning or tosses,
Could make her understand the reasons or causes,
And life’s infinite clauses😕

She had lost her 1st love when she was pretty young,
Lamented over it and to a few also sung,
Sorrows to her heart tightly clung,
Not once her telephone since then had rung😕

The boy that made her truly happy,
Was her best friend, being on that day very snappy,
Since he recently went through a chemotherapy,
Reminiscing when his friends used to call him super classy.

She thought of that very moment in which,
She wished he would be ill instead of her, the ‘sassy’ chick,
Never did she know it would be life’s permanent glitch,
God gave her the world’s biggest ditch😢

No amount of money could get him back,
Memories were all she could keep in her sack,
His favorite color was black,
Wish to get him back, there was some hack☹


Life is incomplete without a true companion they say,
But a few friends in our lives strongly stay.

Friends can make the dullest of days very bright,
Oh how can you forget those cat & dog fights😉

We all have group of friends who we cannot stay without,
One groufie is always taken with a funny pout😚

If you cross the 7 year mark,
Forever their name is carved in your heart♥

Lucky are those who have same friends in times of happiness and sorrow,
They truly are your yesterday, today and tomorrow 😘

Friends are the only relation you as such get to choose,
Never ever a true friend you must let lose😘

I dedicate this poem to my childhood bestie,
Life truly is wonderful having you near me😘


Days of the Week are Seven,
And weekend is like heaven.

A few complete the pending task,
While a few party to put up a chilling mask.

Some pass the weekend laying on the bed,
Mere thought of Monday makes them sad😕

Being with family is what some do,
Helping with the daily chores without a single question of “aaj mujhe kaam kyun!”

Fitness levels are maintained by a bunch of active people,
Whereas several binge on their favourite show’s re-runs or sequels.

Cleaning, dusting, mopping & grocery shopping is what many of them plan,
But eventually call in for a cleaner and delivery man😉

The weekend seems to get over in a blink of an eye,
And all just say “Why God, Why !”

With the start of a new week all pledge to systematically use up the coming weekend,
But in the end, it’s hard to the original plan amend😂


What’s Confidence?

You can’t touch,
But only you, can feel!
You can’t clutch,
But no-one can from you, steal!
With anyone you can’t dutch,
But can make you internally heal!
Can’t assure to make you rich,
But can make you feel the success’s zeal
It can’t be too much,
But can always be real😊

So get up and show the world,
Your true shining side,
Let them in your dreamworld,
There is nothing to hide♥

Inner Demons, that all are fighting!

Everyone fights their own battle,
Rarely a few about it rattle,
Some might secrets of others tattle,
Simple solution is to avoid being judgemental.

Some may have lost their parents at young age,
Some may have had shattered marriage,
Said once a wise sage,
It’s just best to positive energy generate.

Some could have problem in remembering,
Some could have complications in conceiving,
Some could have difficulty in sleeping,
Whereas some through all struggles believe in simply smiling.

This world at times feels a very fake place,
People are running a wild rat-race,
They are always worried about others pace,
Ensuring they don’t lose out on their own space.

The mantra to fight your inner demon,
Won’t be solved with a chilli n lemon,
All you have to do is find a meaningful reason,
That will give you inner peace & freedom❤


All I want is Strength!
To let go of the past,
All I want is Strength!
To enjoy the moment as long as it lasts.

All I want is Strength!
To eliminate the negativity around,
All I want is Strength!
To make my dear ones of me proud.

All I want is Strength!
To make this world a better place,
All I want is Strength!
To ensure the girls at night feel safe.

All I want is Strength!
To make Women more independent,
All I want is Strength!
To make the nations across more interdependent.

All I want is Strength!
To make the pain go away,
All I want is Strength!
So in d darkness we still have some ray!

All I want is Strength!
A silent wish every daughter each night prays🙏

Train Travel & Songs

There is this addiction,
Of listening to songs during train travel♥
For some it’s a true passion,
Similar to tradition of Christmas Carol!

Depending on the time of the day,
Different playlists make it’s way,
And the people of Bombay,
Just love to sway!😊

Monsoon season has its own excitement,
As passengers are divided into segments,
Those with earphones are in past or future but surely not present,
Listening songs to their hearts content!

You will also at times find a few samples,
Who will entertain their travel mate fellows,
By playing them aloud, giving effect at times of an Echo
All you can tell your mind,”bewakuf hai ye,tum gana sun hi lo”😉